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Be assured, that when you use our services, you will be benefitting from our innovative approach as shown in the following list of South Carolina "Firsts" for our company:
 Operating since 1973: Industrial battery supplier to operate in the area continuously since 1973!
 Battery Fuel Gauge: To introduce a battery "fuel gauge" device, Curtis 933. This device is now standard OEM equipment on most new electric lift trucks.
 Automatic Charger Control: To provide an "automatic charger control" for lift truck battery chargers. An automatic start-stop feature is now standard on most chargers in our industry.
 Scheduled Maintenance Procedure: To obtain software to evaluate battery Scheduled Maintenance Procedure data.
 Incoming Watts Line: To provide an incoming watts line service for our customers 1-800-476-6477.
 24-Hour Emergency Service: To implement a "24 Hour Emergency Service" telephone number, 24/7 Service (864) 269-5895, Ext 120.
 Electronic Data Exchange: To make Electronic Data Interchange, EDI, services available.
 Drug-Free Workplace: To initiate a "Drug Free Workplace" policy with ongoing drug testing for all employees.
 Catastrophe Planning: To stage recovery equipment and establish protocols to assist customers in event of a communications site power catastrophe
 Commercial Drivers Licenses: To train and obtain commercial drivers licenses, CDL, with hazardous material ratings for all road service technicians.
 EF&I Service: South Carolina based company to provide full EF&I Services for DC power systems.
 24-Hour Message Service: To make available a 24 hour message service with response during customers' three-shift schedules.
 UPS Battery Cycle Monitor: To provide a UPS battery cycle monitor with computer interface.
 Total Quality Management: To implement a company wide "Total Quality Management", TQM, training program.
 Smart Battery Module: To introduce a battery mounted cycle monitoring device for lift truck batteries (Smart Battery Module.)
 Portable wash stand: To provide a portable battery wash stand with re-circulating water filtration system for in plant lift truck battery cleaning.
 E-mail and Webpage: To establish a company e-mail address (mip@mip-inc.com) and webpage (www.mip-inc.com)
MIP Inc, 1015 Elrod Road, Piedmont, South Carolina 29673
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After Hours Emergency Telephone Number - (864) 269-5895
, Ext 120